Meeting of the Organizing and Technical Committees of the “5 stars. Leader of the chemical industry” Award

Mayer J Group’s representative took part in a joint meeting of the Organizing and Technical Committees of the “5 stars. Leader of the chemical industry” Award. The meeting took place on October 8, 2018, at the Russian Chemists Union.

The agenda of the event included summarizing of the results of the first and the second stages of the award, determination of winners in the nomination “Project of the year” and discussion of prospects for conducting the third stage of the award.

Vice-president of the Russian Chemists Union and director of the Fund for Promotion of the Chemical Industry Igor Kukushkin pointed out that, apart from the two main stages of the award, there was also the third stage “Audit of organizations by international experts”. “The stage will be held at the request of participating companies. I think that “Audit” creates a strong motivation for enterprises to build a system of industry benchmarking by comparing themselves to the best enterprises of various industries from different countries based on their best indicators”.

Mayer Group works closely with the Russian Chemists Union to develop a highly technological and competitive Russian chemical industry. President of the group of companies Elena Milyaeva is a member of the Organizing Committee of the “5 stars. Leader of the chemical industry” Award of the Russian Chemists Union. President of the Russian Chemists Union Viktor Ivanov and Vice-president of the Russian Chemists Union Igor Kukushkin are members of the Council of the ChemiCos Unique Award in the field of household chemistry.

ChemiCos Unique Award was established at the initiative of Russian manufacturers of household chemistry, cosmetics and personal care products within the framework of the International scientific expert forum “Resources for growth. Chemistry for life: state and business”.

The award is focused on industrial enterprises that aim to manufacture popular, safe and eco-friendly products meeting the highest quality standards. The Council of the Award comprises representatives of governmental agencies and leading experts of the industry. Applications from nominees are now being accepted.

Please visit the website to learn more about the award.



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